Autumn 2019 birds, friends and another season

This summer was all about home improvements. So, the gallery was not really open so much. But a new artist to our area stopped by and it was a good visit to start the season. The farm market was fun and resulted in some sales. We met an old friend musician who was performing there on one beautiful summer day. Chris Valenti.  DSC_6614The home projects are done for the season and the gallery is of course open when the sign is out , or when you call and I am home.DSC_6854The bobolinks returned to Arnheim area this year and we saw them on our trips to walk the Sturgeon River Road.

The autumn color show in our neighborhood was as wonderful as ever.DSC_5895 (1)Now we travel the slow path into another season. No hurry!

Spring to Summer 2019

This year my studio is open starting now. Put the sign out for the first time yesterday . SaunaI plan to be open on weekends and other days when I am home. I will exhibit at the Marquette Farm Market at the pavilion on June 29, July 27 and August 17. That is 9 to 1 on Saturdays. A great market for food, crafts and culture .   Worth the trip if you are somewhere near on Saturdays.

humming birdI will have original art, prints, handmade bags and other items from my gallery.

Also, I plan to bring some examples of how my field sketches evolve into the paintings and other art I create.

duckfamilyedI would love to see you at my home studio or the Market. Stop by the house. Call to see if I am there even if the sign is not out. I am outside quite a lot, in the garden and yard. There is always time for tea when someone comes to visit.

Have a wonderful season!



Ginnys secret utopian garden.

  • My Mother passed away a few weeks ago. It was then that I started looking at some photos taken of the yard around the family home where I was raised from the age 13 or so. The house is for sale now, awaiting its new family. The photos revealed something quite remarkable to me. My Mom was a secret landscape artist.

I remember hauling broken concrete pieces in a wheel barrow to the back yard when we first moved to the neighborhood. That is about all I recall about my own part in the secret. I know my brother had his hand in it too, in recent years. Yet, it was my mother who planned the whole complicated, lush green environment behind and around our home and she was the one who nurtured it throughout the years. The garden and the secret were kept, while the kids were raised, the husband was loved and the books were always balanced.

In spring, she would tell me that the magnolia was blooming again,the rabbits were eating things they were not supposed to and that there was something living in the ferns.

Some of the plants in Ginnys garden were gleaned from her mothers family home in Kentucky. I transplanted a few of these living  family heirlooms to my own yard and now in the spring when the variegated hostas are sprouting  I can see Moms secret creeping into my own garden.

She really knew how to keep a secret,  proudly accusing me all the while of being an  artist.  Yet, a person would only have to stand back from the canvas of our family home landscape and see that the secret is out. The garden is a work of art and my Mom,Ginny was the artist.

A late spring flood in Upper Peninsula of Michigan

20160711_131830Two weeks ago today  there was what some people called a 1,000 year flood in our region. Keewenaw, Houghton and Baraga counties were drenched with 7 inches of hard and fast rain within a short time on Sunday morning. Joe went to work as usual and besides a detour that took him on a long way to get there, he did not suspect the devastation that happened to some others we know.  That was June 17th 2018.

Agate street is a serious incline sporting a worn thin layer of 80 year old asphalt. It was turned into a primitive ditch as the flood water scalped off the top of it and beared witness to the original ground beneath.

The great deluge pored into the Portage canal. The lower level of a house, perched on the edge, was  flooded and the 12 year old boy sleeping in the basement was buried in the collapse. His father dug him out. He died a day later and one report said that that was the only death in all the wreck of a city. The only  fatality,they said. Only one. It was his son. The only one with that name. That was the only one.

My friend Chuck is a retired  professor from Michigan Tech and lives 500 feet from Agate street. He said it is the worst disaster he has seen since coming to live here. That was 40 years ago. But this was at least the 100 plus year storm. Then some.

Today I rise early and drive Arnheim road. Migrant birds are still singing on the first day of July. Most young are flying. Some probably did not make it through the storm and some probably did. I can hear the voices of the the ones that did and imagine the other ones in heaven.nut hatch

Deer stand within a field of tall yellow flowers. Their heads bob and shake as they tenderly browse the unplowed plot . A farmers’ tractor is alone and quiet in the middle of his half finished job of bundling hay into gigantic rolls.

When it begins to rain I think of the flood again. I stop the car near the dam on Otter lake and leave the windows open so I can listen. The overflow from the dam rushes under the iron grate and for now that is as far as it goes.

July 1st smells sweet and moist. I drive on and backtrack on my path as I head home.

Those are my thoughts today, two weeks after the flood.





revisit spring in the Pictured Rocks

Recently, Joe and I had a short vacation away from the cottage and the rich everyday life we have here. For many years I have camped the Picture Rocks area in Upper Michigan and this season we both wanted to be there when the trilliams were blooming.DSC_6445This trail is a very accessible stop on ( the now paved)H58 road. You walk 50 feet from your car and are shortly standing in the midst of thousands of blooming trilliam. Rotating myself 360, I take in the scene around me, under the canopy of a deciduous forest unchanged for decades. The vegetation is alive with many other wildflowers and being here tingles my deepest sense of awe. Go there, if you ever can.DSC_6448DSC_6446DSC_6464The trail is part of the North Country Trail and you can hop off for a little climb to a spectacular view of Lake Superior and the dunes between.DSC_6461DSC_6460It is one of those places where I feel that it would be wonderful for everyone to have this experience and I am grateful to have my loving husband there to enjoy this moment.

We go on with our travel and I will leave a few more of the memories with you that we made along the way.

Swan, grazing the shoreline of a pond.DSC_6439Millions of dragonflies surround our car and hang from pine trees nearby.DSC_6435The season of spring continues it eruption and there seems to be an endless body of creation everywhere we wander.

Coming home was terrific, of course. The spring has its way with all things new and the dandelion population in our yard is yet another proof of the abundance theory.

Thanks for finding and reading my blog.

May this season find you at peace.


Winters’ other season

zzfalls 037February 14 th is a day celebrating love and if I look around at the world outside there are a many signs of it.  Love that is.  A little past the middle of winter now, things feel lifted to another season.  Eagle pairs are flying next to each other across the bay and they look serious about staying together.

Deer are grazing the pellets we offer them under the bird feeder.  The winter has been light on them and no ribs are showing under their thick blossom of 001Opps! A little bird seed for desert.

Just keeping in touch with who art out there.




Summer …and then some

DSC_5755Counting down (I realize) to the equinox. We spend some late summer evenings, when Joe gets home from the job, watching geese take off in small groups and head south. The marina is dotted with migrants…this week there have been a few black belly plovers hanging around. The black belly has been traded in on winter plumage.DSC_5855The subtle changes can be felt in the wind. The way the sun takes a different angle on things…clouds that bunch up like wades of cotton and of course the color.DSC_5845Quite a bit of the time lately I am fixing things, making things, harvesting things, resting…and then resting again…then doing more things. Been busy. One morning I noticed there were no birds at the feeder. Then I saw that a sunflower plant was swinging wildly from the weight of several gold finches who were feasting on the ripening seeds. I gave up some of my busy work for a while and sketched the happening. No birds seed expenses that morning.

DSC_5800DSC_5801A then some other things happened…while I took some more time to rest.DSC_5841DSC_5840A season is always here. Then some things change and it’s another season right while you are looking.

Thanks for reading this and welcome back to my blog. I hope you have a great time watching the season change and taking time to rest in the presence of it.



So busy with growing things inside this winter and spring too. The table I use for sewing, etc. has been occupied all the while with 30 some tomato plants. The spring season has been long and cool and wet. Perfect for preparing the earth for a growing fiesta.

I just want to share a few photos to keep in touch with anyone who is ready my blog. It has not been all about staying inside and waiting for rain to stop and reading.DSC_5513  DSC_5496 DSC_5498DSC_5511DSC_5475Okay, well the last one is because my best friends pets have come to stay for a while until she recovers from surgery.

It has been the highlight of the season…remembering the joys of  having animals in the house and loving what that does for the soul.

Thanks for coming and enjoy a great rest of the spring season.

In Like a Lion

So, last week we had rain and the paths in our yard got down to the rocks and gravel. There was a flood over the path that leads to my gallery but that is okay because the closed sign has not been turned around to “open” yet this year.

I have not made an entry here for a while so I really thought it was time to touch base again with my blog. Not that I have many readers, its just that some of my friends do come here from time to time and I wanted to let them see that I’m here.

I have a facebook page now and that is where I became focused on keeping in touch with friends however, I am not completely satisfied with the Click and Post way of communicating.  (I am sort of long winded at times)So, here I am…

Winter is fading but today, it is alive and well and the lion of late winter is here.Actually a cozy feeling, to stay in, or to go bundled up like its Christmas…into the blizzard and wrap your head around it. Cause, its going to be gone soon.  And you know you gonna miss it…(smile).DSC_4044

Then there will be nothing but spring to look forward to with all those flowers and things.camp2012 002Other Cosmosand then there’s the babiesDSC_4368There will be no end to the new beginnings…DSC_4724 DSC_4460Life will be good…no that’s not right…life IS good.

The lamb is on its way. The circle is endless. A snow blizzard is just another way to get to the next place.392Talk to you next time.  I am busy germinating seeds and finding places to put all the growing things that are popping up under the “grow light”.


June 24th and 25th Summer Event

DSC_4199Featuring my new market bags with fun and colorful images from original sketches.
A sturdy tote all with many uses. I’ll have some at Kathys gig.

Framed by Kathy has been a business which has been very good to me as an artist and Kathy is a wonderful person! Simple as that.

This year she celebrates her 20th year in business and is inviting some local artists to honor the occasion with setting up their displays at her store in downtown Houghton, Michigan.

I am one of the lucky ones.  Be there…June 24th and 25th at the Market Place Mall.

I’ll be there with energy!