My life with art

trip 009In 2003 I moved to the upper peninsula of Michigan after living on a farm in Leelanau County for 40 years.  I have been a lifelong enthusiast of nature, animals in particular and in 1985 I started a wildlife care center and then a traveling science program. This was going on when I also operated a neon sign business.

You can read more on the particulars of my life, if you are interested, by visiting and viewing the biography.

I became interested in drawing when I was doing a study on an eagles nest in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore area.  I would sit for hours, deep in a wilderness place, observing the birds coming and going, nesting and raising their young.  I had been keeping written journals and then began to sketch places and things I would visit.  I discovered I could draw and that it was especially enjoyable.

My life {as a wildlife artist} has evolved from inspirations I experience  and from taking the time to express these inspired thoughts within art.

My sketches were noticed by a photographer who invited me to display the art I was producing and as a result, I began selling from galleries and at shows.

Recently I have spent more time at home restoring our cottage and sailing Lake Superior(another passion) and so I opened a home studio/gallery to keep in touch with people and continuing selling art.

I am open to the public and I enjoy seeing people be inspired in some way by the art. Sometimes they buy a piece and very often they share with me their own desires to create art and, or the product of their own efforts.

Art is one way to continue sharing my lifelong amazement for the infinite diversity I see in  the world…and to demonstrate the beauty, the  nurturing, the comforting and often the humor that can be part of it.

My interest continues to grow and the inspirations are without limit!

Sincerely,  Diana