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revisit spring in the Pictured Rocks

Recently, Joe and I had a short vacation away from the cottage and the rich everyday life we have here. For many years I have camped the Picture Rocks area in Upper Michigan and this season we both wanted to be there when the trilliams were blooming.DSC_6445This trail is a very accessible stop on ( the now paved)H58 road. You walk 50 feet from your car and are shortly standing in the midst of thousands of blooming trilliam. Rotating myself 360, I take in the scene around me, under the canopy of a deciduous forest unchanged for decades. The vegetation is alive with many other wildflowers and being here tingles my deepest sense of awe. Go there, if you ever can.DSC_6448DSC_6446DSC_6464The trail is part of the North Country Trail and you can hop off for a little climb to a spectacular view of Lake Superior and the dunes between.DSC_6461DSC_6460It is one of those places where I feel that it would be wonderful for everyone to have this experience and I am grateful to have my loving husband there to enjoy this moment.

We go on with our travel and I will leave a few more of the memories with you that we made along the way.

Swan, grazing the shoreline of a pond.DSC_6439Millions of dragonflies surround our car and hang from pine trees nearby.DSC_6435The season of spring continues it eruption and there seems to be an endless body of creation everywhere we wander.

Coming home was terrific, of course. The spring has its way with all things new and the dandelion population in our yard is yet another proof of the abundance theory.

Thanks for finding and reading my blog.

May this season find you at peace.