Monthly Archives: September 2017

Summer …and then some

DSC_5755Counting down (I realize) to the equinox. We spend some late summer evenings, when Joe gets home from the job, watching geese take off in small groups and head south. The marina is dotted with migrants…this week there have been a few black belly plovers hanging around. The black belly has been traded in on winter plumage.DSC_5855The subtle changes can be felt in the wind. The way the sun takes a different angle on things…clouds that bunch up like wades of cotton and of course the color.DSC_5845Quite a bit of the time lately I am fixing things, making things, harvesting things, resting…and then resting again…then doing more things. Been busy. One morning I noticed there were no birds at the feeder. Then I saw that a sunflower plant was swinging wildly from the weight of several gold finches who were feasting on the ripening seeds. I gave up some of my busy work for a while and sketched the happening. No birds seed expenses that morning.

DSC_5800DSC_5801A then some other things happened…while I took some more time to rest.DSC_5841DSC_5840A season is always here. Then some things change and it’s another season right while you are looking.

Thanks for reading this and welcome back to my blog. I hope you have a great time watching the season change and taking time to rest in the presence of it.