Monthly Archives: March 2017

In Like a Lion

So, last week we had rain and the paths in our yard got down to the rocks and gravel. There was a flood over the path that leads to my gallery but that is okay because the closed sign has not been turned around to “open” yet this year.

I have not made an entry here for a while so I really thought it was time to touch base again with my blog. Not that I have many readers, its just that some of my friends do come here from time to time and I wanted to let them see that I’m here.

I have a facebook page now and that is where I became focused on keeping in touch with friends however, I am not completely satisfied with the Click and Post way of communicating.  (I am sort of long winded at times)So, here I am…

Winter is fading but today, it is alive and well and the lion of late winter is here.Actually a cozy feeling, to stay in, or to go bundled up like its Christmas…into the blizzard and wrap your head around it. Cause, its going to be gone soon.  And you know you gonna miss it…(smile).DSC_4044

Then there will be nothing but spring to look forward to with all those flowers and things.camp2012 002Other Cosmosand then there’s the babiesDSC_4368There will be no end to the new beginnings…DSC_4724 DSC_4460Life will be good…no that’s not right…life IS good.

The lamb is on its way. The circle is endless. A snow blizzard is just another way to get to the next place.392Talk to you next time.  I am busy germinating seeds and finding places to put all the growing things that are popping up under the “grow light”.