Monthly Archives: December 2015

Another kind of discipline

I admire the kind of discipline which many artists seem to have in their lives…and I often criticize myself for lacking that particular brand of it.  This is not a good thing to do to yourself …and I know this in my  heart.  It would be better to recognize my brand of order and admire myself for the what does get accomplished.

Spontaneity plays a large part in the process of doing my art and this can be chaotic until the mood settles and the work begins.  The product(s) is usually good, within the process.  However, this does not always work in every situation.

For instance…some horrific gales on Lake Superior caused a “small fleet” (3)  of freighters to hide behind  my cottage on Keweenaw Bay last week.  Joe(husband) took some great photos to capture the scene and I thought I would draw something again…in the near future.

038I really thought I would do the sketch from photos, when I was in the mood…but then the ships stayed there.  One of them was in my face as I looked out the picture windows.  I thought it would leave that evening but in the morning…there it was, a perfect frame job.  Now  I was under pressure. The ” being in the mood” method of creativity was not working.  Well, because the ship was there…NOW… and I wasn’t in the mood NOW.

Slowly as I kept watching the beauty of the scene in front of me, that kind of discipline, which I accuse myself of lacking, crept into the moment.  I was overwhelmed by the collage of feelings brought on by  seeing the ship take refuge and by thoughts of what life was like for the  sailors on board.  Christmas was coming and would they  be home in time…or at all?   Discipline kept sneaking in while I was fascinated with these thoughts.

I began to pick up the crayons and draw. Several hours later…as I was looking through the telescope for detail of the stern…the ship raised its anchor!   I realized I needed to finish!

ship 003That’ s how I found myself in the mood.  I like to draw as I watch things happen.  So, some kind of discipline needs to be applied.  I’ll worry about the product (or not) later on.

for now, Diana