Monthly Archives: November 2015

Discovering again

When I first moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan near Baraga…it seemed that there were more wild places than I could visit in a lifetime.  That is probably still true even though I do not tire of  going back to certain ones, again, for another look.020As you travel on highway 41 north there is a rest area, turnout, named Canyon Falls.  Only a short (easy) walk to the drop…022In the summer the parking area is loaded with tourists…but today it is Joe and I .  A family with children are there too… the children squealing with delight as they go. As we walk, I discover the place again as if I had not been here.027Ancient trees along the rocky path thrive on (what seems to be) solid rock…defying reason with  there own sense of embedded intelligence.  017We stop to eat candy (really smart people always take candy…)and notice a natural deer blind made from gathered windfall.  It is harvest time…the season is ripe.019We fished here this summer. Discovering the place  again with its November face on, is like meeting a friend who just got an new hairdo.

The friend is beautiful…no matter what the “do”