Monthly Archives: October 2015

Many seasons of autumn

It starts with a chill in the air one day when I open the door to begin a walk.  A different kind of cool and the smell of autumn.  The season is changing and I have been on a (hardly) uninterrupted tour of the beauty around our home town and surrounding places.fall colors 035My parents were the first to introduce me to the “Lake of the Clouds” in the Porkie Pine Mountains(Ontonagon area).  Where heaven and earth meet.autumn 013A day out to point Abey.autumn 003So many walks and calls to color on our journey.  The time after summer unfolds in so many faces.autumn 020On the way to Mr. Avon(highest point in Michigan) the beavers had a great idea of how to stop water from going over the road. autumn 019So, we just drove on up.autumn 018At the top of Arvon there is a mailbox and a notebook for signing. The last visitors were from Wisconsin, only hours before us. ( By the way, there is no warning about beaver construction ahead)autumn 023A woodland waterfall along the way.  The places so rarely visited, yet offering their beauty with an eternal presence.autumn 029  In late October the color tourists are mostly gone and another face of autumn begins…the Tamarack show.autumn 033It keeps on going…the changes toward winter. But its not over yet.

For now, Diana