Monthly Archives: July 2015

Noticing Now

392There has been something a little different, this late spring and the early summer, as I go about the day.  I find myself frequently noticing things around me that  I could swear were not there in past seasons.  I know they were…and I realize that when this happens I am noticing moments and forgetting what it was that I went looking  for…if I had a goal in mind.

For instance…aflowers 042tamarack trees bloom red cones in early summer, which later turn brown…  I know most every naturalist in the world knows this and I feel a little silly  even admitting I never noticed…but I stopped in my tracks on one of my familiar trails and was stunned by the beauty  unfolding .

and then…there was this seed pod…

aflowers 044don’t know what it is.  Probably a dandelion.  But, there it was, where I had not noticed it before.

382then this…I know I’ve seen it before.  Just not at that particular moment…so I noticed…and stopped543Thimbleberries only grow in a few places on earth…I live in one of those places.  This is worth noticing.  We have a patch developing near the lake by our sauna.

530Have gone past this place many times…but not when the sun was coming up on this day.



I found this giant the first year I moved into the area and started driving along the Surgeon River Rd. in the spring.  I noticed it again this year….same tree…same place…same sacred feeling…just a different day…



and I know she noticed me…

That is what  I have for now…the summer is unfolding in its  ordinary magic.  I must pay attention!