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Shopping…for awe

winter ice 044

photos by Joe Ferrer

I  think I  am a shopper, even though I have often claimed not to be.  In the last few weeks the weather has been getting better for some of the outdoor experiences that enrich  my life.  So, there have been a series of shopping trips, lightly planned in search of  the next  experience.  In a way… shopping for the durable. for  awe.

A few weeks before the first day of spring, the trip was to a frozen waterfall.  Packing hot pasties, candy  and camera equipment, the sunny day was a boost into action for my lagging energy level.  Yes..everything still looked like the middle of winter, but hope was in the blue you see only in a spring sky and in the knowing of a rapid river flowing just beneath the frozen caramel colored stalactites of the Kun de Kun Falls on the Baltimore River.winter ice 014

The plan was to visit again when the water was loose …  In the meantime a hiking trip along the shoreline behind my cottage reminded me that the sandstone paradise created in the layers of pink/red rocks of the lake shore bluffs was still there.  This is the sight that first captured my affection when we were shopping for property and considered buying this old place in spite of its obvious obsolete condition.   There was still 9 miles of ice to the east.   Ice fishermen still huddled inside their tents two mile out… and there was no loose water in sight.  Yet, the memory of the hike does not become obsolete and so it was another good shopping river 001

Then the day  spent watching, photographing and sketching  a hawk owl and  subsequent days searching  for the hawk owl, became the next unplanned event that exists now as one experience made from fragments of moments spent paying attention.   Impulse buying and ending up with a great value.

18″x24″OIL PASTEL  created from a few sketches I did that day.


zzfalls 038


zmap 035

One day we tripped to a wetland area and walked a few miles.  Several bald eagles congregated on one leafless tree.  A pair of sandhill cranes, some Canada geese, and a trail of wolf tracks kept  me focused until  realizing  a rain storm was catching up. As we drove on, a wolf on the scent of a herd of deer, crosses in front of the car.  Seeing a few minutes of a wolf on a real live hunt  is one of those experiences not worth   trading for dozens of the national geographic documentaries.  The shopping was good that day.zzfalls 012

On getting back to The Baltimore River this week, the water was loose in a big way.  The thunderous sounds and the organic smells of fresh falling water was stunning.  Thousands of iridescent bubbles swirled in the pools of trapped water.   I shopped until I nearly dropped.zzfalls 005zzfalls 027zzfalls 008zzfalls 028

Got some really good deals recently, shopping for awe.  This high quality merchandise will last  a while.  A life time.  Except…it won’t stop me from going back for more…soon!