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love, marriage and squirrels

sqirrels 010


Everlasting love

Last week ,We
meaning my husband of 20 plus years, and I
live trapped four squirrels from our yard and traveled them to the wilderness where we release the captives.
It’s a ritual we have because we know they should not get into the attic.
Yesterday, today and as usual…
there are more squirrels under the bird feeder and here and there, around.
traversing the old lilac tree
hugging the outside walls of our cottage.
They are back.
Meaning my husband of 20plus years, and I.
Will trap more and travel them to the new wilderness.
Together we go thru life like this.
And that is how I know the marriage will last.

new years harvest from writing it down.

snowy owl

Recently, I  was wanting to add a post to this site for the new year and was procrastinating on it .  I started to think that this(procrastinating)  felt worse than actually doing it.  So, I decided to capture a few thoughts from the 2013-15 journal and publish them for you here.

From the harvest of my writings I offer a few thoughts and a sketch of a snowy  owl I came upon in the woods while hiking, many years ago…an unexpected sighting.  Usually the snowy owls are seen in the wide open spaces.   So, delightfully out of place I thought at the time.  Just shows you how wrong a person can be about who belongs where, and for what reason.

New years eve day December 2013

And then I remembered…it’s the day of New Years Eve…
The event had momentarily dissolved in the morning bustle, the drinking of coffee…
The weather reports ( oh man! it’s 2 degrees out there) and other vacillations… musings, of a day coming.
So, we add to the shopping list, a few specials for the celebration.
Homemade local sausage, good snacking cheese, white fish from the great superior lake that ranges behind our cottage and…of for toasting.
and then
The thoughts of remembering…
Remembering a year, now almost spent . Like precious golden coins willingly surrendered.
Thoughts of planning
Planning what a future could look like…
And relishing.
Relishing the quiet moments we will share this evening, while thankfully supping in the good fortune of it all.
Happy New Year … dear friend

January 11, 2015
Hope and showing up

A place of joy and struggle and telling what I see while…asking what you see.

Wanting to be brave

like an owl that hunts without knowing what will show up in the woods…

but  the owl shows up…

this is hope.