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winters eve

ice-13 011The unfinished home improvement projects are now resting peacefully under numerous early snow drifts and autumn has finally passed in all its wonder.  The shortest day  was spent in reminiscing of the  Christmas jam session at our local Jamboree and the longest night was adorned with our holiday light show in the front yard.

So much pre winter snow has created a feeling that winter was already been with us for  a while.  Except it hasn’t.  That’s only a feeling.

The fact is that winters’ eve has signaled the beginning of the  sweet darkness in which to retreat ,rest and recover from any cares of the year.

To be held in the peace and quiet of winter and revel in the Christmas season…

Celebrating  birth and knowing that the days and the light grow as the winter season unfolds.

A Merry Christmas is near.




everyones an artist

storm 001This is something I started believing when I realized that I could draw…and I didn’t remember learning to do that.  Well, I mean I didn’t go to classes…unless you want to count the two consecutive semesters (of Design I and Design II) at a community college.  Or the time I attended a watercolor workshop  given by a  friend of mine who was an “artist”.  And then there was a couple of semesters spent in Dance Class.  Oh, yes, and then there was tap dance lessons and some performances at the age of 12.  I guess, I did a few things that could be considered “the study of art”.

However, none of this seemed to prepare me for the day when someone said to me(in regards to my sketches from journals I had been keeping for several years)…”those are good, I could put those in my art gallery”.   This  gave me the idea that  other people, besides myself and my husband and a few friends would be interested in what I had been interested in all the hours I spent watching, observing and generally feeling a sense of awe about things I encountered while hiking trails and driving  roads in my travel. Basically,  living the life I loved.

So, that is the short story of how I started displaying and selling  my art at galleries, shows and now at my home studio.  What I produce is not everyone’s “cup of tea”  but the ones who choose it are from quite a variety of lifestyles.  I guess this is why I am confident that it is worth  doing.

It was not only the intentional study of a way of doing  art that produced what I create. It was the doing of my  passionate interests and then trying to capture it in some way so that I could enjoy that moment later.

I am fortunate to have found out that  other people enjoy some similar moments and (sometimes)I think that is why they want to take my art with them. There are many other reasons, of this I am sure.  And I sometimes hear people comment, with frustration, on their own abilities to express themselves in what they consider to be an artistic manner.

However, I believe that within every persons passion for life, is the ability to share it with others.  Whether it be teaching school, making sandwiches at  Walmarts Deli,  being a doctor, being a Mom, or any other life work…it is your art, your creation.

From my point of view, everyone’s’ an artist.

So, to those who read this, I thank you for doing your art, in whatever form it may take.

My thoughts today