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On the longest day… summer begins and life keeps on

Photo of interrupted ferns photo by Joe Ferrer

ferns 010

photo above of interrupted ferns…oldest fossil ferns…200 million years.

This morning I begin by finishing the last two chapters in the Edwin Teale book called “North with the Spring” .   I was portioning it out to myself among other treasures of the spring while I proceeded through my own spring adventure.

The solstice came and went before I was awake and I caught up with the longest day by noticing the yard between my cottage and lake superior.    It is busy with birds unhindered by the steady rain. Joining the neighborhood of year round residents of chickadees, nutties and wood peckers…they come in pairs now, gathering seed and suet for the nestlings, yet unseen by me.  They have been increasing in numbers and variety as the spring developed and now the color spectrum of their feather coats is a rainbow of species. Purple finches cover the reds.  The heart is warmed by warblers, jays, wild canaries,  and  the color show under a black cloak the  grackle.  This spring a pair of yellow rumps are nesting nearby and come to the suet.  The song of the white throat sparrow reminds me with its sweet harbinger song, of the first and now distant days of spring, when it came to the yard and signaled the changing season.  Now a bluebird collects nesting material from a wheelbarrow full of  dead tree limbs.

Since then it has snowed 40+ inches, the yard flooded numerous times and then the merlins showed up.  Spring has been exquisitely laden with all the symbols of life beginning…frogs emerging in chorus, wood ticks reinventing ways to annoy us, mosquitoes in great number and the unfolding of wildflowers is now connecting what was spring into what is becoming summer.  I find nodding trillium amongst our gardens.

When I think of all the connections made by nature as it goes from one “season” to the next, it seems impossible to separate one from the other.  The celebration of life comes within them all.

In the  last chapter of the Teale book(the longest day) he and Nellie reflect on their journey, which ended in the Mt. Washington area.   In the eloquent style of a naturalist author who is looking into the pond of a special spring spent traveling the U.S. from south to north, Edwin  sees his own life reflected back to him in the ways and acts of nature….

The sun has just come out and I scurry to take a walk in the new day, explore a new season in my own life…beginning this day…the longest day, by the sun and the stars.

for now, Diana

Karins book…”Jodi: Guardian Angel in Training”

DS Angel final 300The news is that my friend Dr. Karin Olson has published her book.  She has been working on the Trilogy  about a guardian angel since long before we knew each other.  Karin is a retired child psychiatrist and an avid computer programer.

Dr. Olson is responsible for designing my website and a few others in her retirement life.

The  book is on kindle, and now… a published hard copy… for people like me who like to hold a book, put a bookmark in it and then have it in my library or lying around the house amongst my favorite things.

This is a heart warming story of family life, (and then some) …with a Christian fantasy twist!  Jodi, the guardian angel  creates havoc and admiration in heaven.   Jodi the angel,  lives an unusual experiment in the life of a guardian angel in training.

Karin designed the book cover.  The cover sports  the an image of mackinaw bridge, which connects the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan…symbolizing the connection between two worlds.  Referring to heaven and earth in her book.

I like that analogy… I lived in lower Michigan for the first 55 years of my life.   Living in the upper peninsula of Michigan, I  can say that lower Michigan is indeed another “world” to me now and I appreciate the bridges between the worlds.

For instance…my friend Dr.(Karin)Olson is a bridge for the heart!

I recommend her thoughtful and thought provoking story book.  See it at …   I congratulate the creative genius in my friend Karin and I thank her for the work she has done to present this book to us.

Sincerely, Diana