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wandering into spring

Photo from Joes file of images captured while we are hiking the shoreline behind our cottage.

ice river 003

Celebrated the beginning of spring …in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  The frozen rivulets are beginning to awaken and start their new life as waterfalls over the red sandstone cliffs near our cottage.  I’ll ski the shoreline and visit the eagles nest about a mile or so south.   The promises of new life under three feet of snow are more apparent these days.  Things settle and drip.  Squirrels are back from their long absence and the deer are traveling their yards on the hard packed ruts put down this winter.

Today it is 34 degrees, the sun is brilliant, it’s windy and there are long snaking patterns of thawing ice developing behind the cabin.

The ice fishermen, which have been a great source of entertainment for months now, are still venturing out for miles on the frozen surface…the days are numbered for their fun.

Lake Superior had been  90% frozen the past few  weeks and a record cold winter is dripping off the red metal roof.

Also, I just finished reading  “Wandering Through Winter” by the famed author Edwin Teale.      I was feeding it to myself , in appropriate portions, during the winter months…as I was noticing my own wanderings during the season as it enfolded.

On the summer of my first camping trip north, I introduced myself to Edwin Teale by purchasing his book  (“Journey into Summer”)  for a dime at a garage sale.  I had not known of his fame as a nature writer…I was simply taken by the title of the book.  It seemed to fit with what was happening to me at the time.  Since then I have continued  to read more of his work.

These are a series of books to look at for anyone interested in nature.   Though much has changed since Nellie (his wife) and Edwin collaborated to write these books, there remains a touching  and moving importance in the observations they made as they traveled together through life.

For now…and sincerely, Diananut hatch