diana sullivan art

dspaints 002Hi and welcome…I’m Diana Sullivan.   I am privileged to live on the inspiring Lake Superior coastline in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

The purpose of this website is to post images of my artwork from the past, introduce new images and publish news related to my life as an artist and “person in general”.  This includes the blog from my personal journal or thoughts on the day.  There may be links of interest.

I  want to direct your attention to dianasullivanart.com. where my art is for sale.  The  website for my art was designed by my best friend Dr. Karin Olson and it represents, very beautifully, the art I produce.

Images in the word press gallery are a part of what I have done so far since about the year 2003, when I began living in a cottage on the lake. I have enjoyed creating the art and the people it has brought me in touch with have enriched my life.

I will make efforts to post more images from the archives and the new work.

The blog is my exercise room for writing and a place where I share  thoughts.

I dedicate this website to my husband Joe and Dr. Karin Olson. With them… what you see has been possible.

I thank them.    I hope you enjoy the art show  and my written words.Turn the other cheek