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Banner Diana holds a bird
Diana holds a sharp skinned hawk before its release at the wild life center.

On Thin Ice

Three Tundra Swans

A group of three immature swans spent three days and 2 nights on the ice behind my cottage
...about 1/4 mile offshore. Finding themselves on thin ice that had blown in and jammed,
the swans tucked their long necks into the protection of their downy bodies and slept through a winter storm.
On the third day, they rose, stretched and rejoined the sky...halleluyah!
Oil Pastel on paper; 24x18", $195.

Owling Like a Hawk

The Owl Has a Hawkish Look

Oil Pastel on paper; 24x18", For prices contact Diana.

Ready at the Feeder

Coopers Hawk

A young coopers hawk was a regular visitor at the bird feeder outside my studio window this winter and early spring...
she was a quick study to learn the art of chasing.
Oil Pastel on paper; 18X24", $195.

All Hers

Mother and Child

Oil Pastel on paper; 18X24",
Contact Diana for prices.

Up and Away

Bird in Flight

Oil Pastel on paper; 18x24;
Contact Diana for prices.