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Pelkie, MI 49958
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Banner Diana holds a bird
Diana holds a sharp skinned hawk before its release at the wild life center.

Fancy Dancer

An image of a heron-inspired bird

This bird is one of a series of four Heron inspired paintings.

Media: Mixed.
Original has been sold.
Prints, Posters, and Notecards are available.

Other Cosmos

An image of a cosmos flower

This is one of a series of three paintings of cosmos.

Media: Acrylic painting. Original available: 12x18 $275 framed with a double matte.
Prints, Posters, and Notecards are available.

Brown Racoon

A painting of a brown racoon.

A mother raccoon is killed on the road and the babies are scattered in the confusion... a passerby rescues the little ones and brings them to our wildlife center where the cages are filled to capacity. In October we release the juvenile orphans back to the forest and watch as they forage in the fallen leaves, climb trees and fish in a nearby if they had never left home.
Oil Pastel on matte board 11x15 $125
Prints, Posters and Notecards are available.


Soft sculpture of a heron.

Media: Soft sculpture of a heron using felting techniques. Heron is mounted on sandstone. 18" tall. $125.